Did I make the Perfect mistake myself?

Photo: Fuzz-Foto v/Anders Bo Rasmussen As most if not everyone knows by now, I got Perfect last year more or less as her ‘last way out’. One too many couldn’t get a hold on her behaviour, and with the general pressure (economical and time-wise) on both professional riders and breeders in relation to these young … Continue reading

Danish J/YR Championships: Only ups yet so many disappointments

Final 4th in the championships with a horse that only ONE of my trainers truly believed (and believes) in. That one trainer took Ziggy and I from a team that most didn’t mind to one that most talked about and feared to take their spot during this weekend. I’m so proud of my boy – … Continue reading

VIDEOS: Ziggy back on track and better than ever

Obviously, my luck is the same as always – but boy, my horse is the most wonderful piece of stardom I could ever wish for. Despite only having ridden the entire new CIC/CCI*A dressage test ridden through once in training prior to today, Zig did a great job and was a real bud as always. … Continue reading

“Dear Mom…”

“Dear Mom,   If it was up to me to decide, it was Mother’s Day every day. That’s why I try to do my very, very best no matter what you or your trainers ask me to do – even if I don’t understand it or don’t feel well. You and Linda have worked so … Continue reading

New stable in 3 – 2 – 1 …

Myyyyy goodness, I just can’t wait now! I’m so-so-so-so-so-so-soooooo!!! excited to move the horses, the last days just can’t pass fast enough! I haven’t posted anything on the blog about it yet, so here’s a bit of an introduction. The place is called Stald Ax, and is run by Dennis Steffenauer and Gitte Stolling (and … Continue reading

Why I’m leaving home (Professionalism part 3)

We are so happy, relieved, and excited to annouce that we terminated all three horses’ stables yesterday and are moving them in less than a month from today! The new place is highly professional with amazing facilities and an environment that encourages positive training, development, happiness and honesty – and discourages jealousy, gossip, and dishonesty. … Continue reading

VIDEO: Perfect’s competition debut!

This’ll just be a brief update from the show this weekend – I promise to write a longer (and better) one from the entire Easter’s National Team training with Ziggy and first show of the year. But first!! Take a sec to enjoy my beautiful, beautiful princess from the CNC90 at Tågarp, Sweden, this Saturday. … Continue reading

Note to self: RELAX

It’s hardly any secret that I’m quite busy. I have three horses competing from youngster classes all the way to international show jumping and eventing. I’m part of the C.E.P. and the Danish National Team. I’m studying International Business Communication at the University. I’m working as event coordinator for Denmark’s most prominent night club (part … Continue reading

Updated contact information

Just a quick heads up – I can now be contacted at crrb@carolineeventing.com only, so for any inquiries, comments, questions etc, please use this mail from now on! Thanks.   It’s also listed on the Contact-page, so you don’t have to look for this post if you’re going to need it someday!

NEW IN: Selles Hoffsteiner X3

Yesssss! My new custom- and handmade cross country and show jumping saddle arrived today! I went by the stable just quickly although I really don’t have the time today for a pilot ride on W. Cathrine Moe shot some photos of us riding – enjoy! A HUGE THANKS TO MY SPONSOR, SELLES HOFFSTEINER! They provided … Continue reading